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Why use a temporary e-mail address?

Forget spam, forget marketing mailings, e-mail hacks, phishing e-mail! You can now keep your real mailbox safe and clean. temporary-email.com gives you free, temporary, safe, anonymous and disposable e-mail.

Click the button below to go to your temporary email inbox right away. You can only receive mail in your disposable inbox. At the moment it's not possible to use it for sending e-mail.

Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

When you click the button below, you'll be send you your own temporary email inbox. This inbox is connected to a random temporary e-mail address. You can use this address like you would any other normal e-mail address. For example: you can use it for signing up with websites/services you don't really trust or you only want to access temporarily. This way you keep your real inbox clean and safe!

Why can't I send mail with my temporary e-mail address?

At the moment, we only provide receiving mail to your temporary inbox. By not allowing the sending of e-mails we prevend our service being used for sending spam.

How long are e-mails stored on your server?

You can delete the mails send to your temporary mailbox yourself if you want. If you don't delete them, they will be delete automatically after 1 day. (We might change this to 2 or even 3 days in the future if we can keep the server costs reasonable.)

What can I do with a temporary e-mail acount?

You can use a temporary e-mail address in case you're asked to enter an e-mail address but you don't feel like entering your own e-mail address.

How many e-mails have been send to the disposable inboxes on temporary-email.com?

Up to now we've processed 420.106 e-mails. (This number is updated every month.)

Is temporary-email.com free?

Yes it is! But keeping the servers up and running does costs us! You can become a sponsor by buying us a coffee:

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